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News Guangdong

Global air passengers set to double by 2038

As China has become the world's second-largest aviation market, limited capacity has become a major bottleneck for many domestic airports, which are rushing to better tap their physical and digital resources.

China museum guide commemorates war history to promote peace

On Tuesday morning, air raid sirens sounded for three minutes in Shenyang and 13 other cities in northeast China's Liaoning Province to mark the 87th anniversary of the "Sept. 18 Incident", the start of Japan's invasion of China.

Guangdong companies offer AI solutions to boost "Belt and Road" exchange

The communication of language and culture has consistently been a link in the establishment of the Belt and Road. In recent years, many Guangdong enterprises have provided artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as 3D scanning, intelligent translation for international cooperation and exchange programs.

South China recovering from typhoon

Life is returning to normal after super typhoon Mangkhut wreaked havoc in southern China, including Guangdong province and the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, on Sunday.

Guangdong Airport Authority joins hands with airlines to open more intl routes

Guangdong Airport Authority signed a memorandum of cooperation on Sept 16 at the 24th World Route Development Forum with seven airlines including China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Siberia Airlines.

Fashion trade show focuses on Shenzhen

Around 50 Chinese companies from Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, took part in the 2018 Shenzhen Products Show in London on Sunday and Monday to promote and showcase Shenzhen's fashion and accessories trade.
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